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voiture au maroc

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This offer is as straight as it could ever be. And yes, this is a link bait. Nevertheless, it is still a win-win proposal. At the left part you can see a single link. This link is direct, dofollow and it points to some website. Below it you see its current value. If you want to fit your link inplace of the current one, click the "Bid for link" button. That's it.

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Note, as this page is a link bait, it becomes more and more popular with each day. Thus your link becomes more and more valuable. Share this page via twitter and other ways to give your link maximum exposure and value. Also note, that a viral way of social marketing spreads in geometrical proportion, while the price increases linearly. This means, that a true value of a link overcomes its denoted price! And as time passes, and more people become aware of this offer, this effect becomes even higher. And one more thing: if you have retweeted this offer or posted it on your Facebook, we will take 50% off from the actual bid if your link becomes a winner. So don't just place a bid - share this page!
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The most important part of the offer - you don't have to pay anything, unless your link bid is a winner! Moreover, you're not limited at all, and can bid any number of times you want. Of course, other people can bid too, but in the long term this is your benefit as well, since the more people know about this page, the more weight the link on it has. Anyway, you win if your link bid stays for 10 days (see the timer at the left) unbeaten. If you win, you pay the bid price that has settled by the current moment, the offer becomes closed, and your link becomes permanent. If you refuse to pay, or simply changed your mind - the bid goes down to the previous participant and so on.

Obviously, the offer is win-win. Make a bid, and see your link immediately. Even if you won't win, you still get exposure. Share this page with everyone, to increase the value of the link. Note, if your link stays unbeaten for 10 days, it becomes permanent! Would you like a permanent dofollow link that is worth $10.000 for as low as $2244? Share it via Twitter now and you'll get it for $1122!


Please read the details of the offer carefully.

The whole process looks as follows: a user signs up and bids for a link, specifying his URL, the desired anchor text, and the contact details. The current bid price is automatically increased by $1 and is saved as a bid of this user. No payment is required at this step. The submitted link is placed online as a direct dofollow link visible to any human visitor or a bot. The timer of 10 days starts to tick.

Anytime, if any other user bids for his link instead, the current link is abandoned and is replaced with the new one the way described above.

The number of bids is unlimited. A user can bid at any time, with no restrictions, except that his next bid must not directly follow his another bid, in other words, you can't bid twice in a row to simply sky-rocket the price.

If a bid has been beaten, the user who owned that bid receives a notification by e-mail he has provided upon sign-up.

If a bid stays unbeaten for 10 days, that is, if a timer of 10 days runs down to zero, the user who placed the last bid receives a notification by e-mail telling him that he is a winner and that he should make a payment in the amount of the current bid to make his link permanent. The offer goes to the paused state, which is explicitly indicated on the offer page. No other bids are accepted while the offer is paused. The timer starts to count down for 3 days. If within that time there is no response from the winner, or the winner refuses or can't pay, or the winner changed his mind - the offer goes online again, the current bid is abandoned and the link is returned to the previous state. The current bid is decreased by $1. The timer of 10 days starts over.

The offer ends when a winner claims his rights and makes a payment of his current bid. His link becomes permanent and the offer becomes closed. No further bids are accepted after that.

Final notice. We reserve the right to reject any link if it points to an inappropriate or illegal content. The bid for the link is abandoned then, the way described above.

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